Since 1988, Edmonton's Juba has brought the magic of their African-inspired music to audiences from Yellowknife to Zimbabwe. Through song, rhythm and dance the group creates an environment in which people are free to release the music within them.

Juba has ignited audiences at virtually every major folk festival in Canada, and in 1991 realized a longtime dream by taking their music to Africa. They have also given numerous vocal workshops to Alberta choirs. The group has released four albums, including 1994's critically acclaimed cd Mafaro.

The people of Juba:

Lark Clark
Warren Albers
Cleve Alexander
Kelly Collins
Beth Portman
Scott Rollans

  Others members of Juba:
Arthur Bollo-Kamara (1992-1995)
Kevin Smith (1996)
Joe Tong (1996)


Didn't you guys break up?
Not in the conventional sense. We drifted apart physically, rather than artistically or emotionally. The four original band members who remained in Edmonton continued to see each other and (occasionally) perform throughout our recent decade-long quasi-hiatus.

In September, 1995 at Myer Horowitz Theatre, we gave a show which emcee Pam Barret announced as "The last Juba concert ever." Warren was about to leave for London, England (see below). Beth was rolling up her sleeves to begin work on her second NFB animated short, Fair Phyllis (since released to wide acclaim). Kelly was busy with her first baby, planning a second (Adam eventually arrived August 9, 1997), and was no longer eager for heavy touring.

What's up with that Warren Albers feller, anyways?
Our once-upon-a-time glorious tenor now lives and works in London, UK (and continues to sing whenever the opportunity presents). If you need to know the latest, why not drop him a line?

How can I keep up with any new Juba developments?
You can "like" Juba on Facebook
or ask to be added to our email list.
Scott will keep you informed.

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