Vibrant and energetic! I never tire of this album!

iTunes Store user review by meaghanlinn
November 15, 2009

rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

I saw Juba perform in the 90s and was awed by the phenomenal energy of their music. I purchased their album Mafaro, and have been listening to it ever since. It has travelled over the world with me; though I do not speak the words of the languages in their music, I can sing along perfectly. It gets me going in the mornings, it motivates me when I am feeling tired, and it invariably makes me happier just for listening.

I never tire of listening to this album. Not many songs pass the "test of time." Even songs I love -- after listening to them for a while, I bore of them and move on to new music. Not so with Juba. It has been over 15 years, and their music is still as fresh and bright to me as it was the first time I heard them perform.

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Juba! Mafaro

iTunes Store user review by choirboy1
May 14, 2010

rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

Such a fabulous, joyful sound -- from Edmonton, Alberta no less. Warren's clean, beautiful tenor and Scott's resonant bass make my day every time. I was so happy to find this on iTunes, as I loaned my copy and it never came back. I still remember watching my two-year-old (she's 22 now) dancing in the Strathcona Gazebo to Juba Lethu! Awesome album!

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Lifting spirit on debut disc

by Roger Levesque
Edmonton Journal, September 27, 1993

Juba, 52 minutes

The title translates as "I'm happy" and it would be hard not to pick up on the uplifting spirit that this six-year-old locally-based vocal/percussion septet finds on its smashing debut album.

A total of 19 tracks trace the evolution of the group from the African freedom songs that got them singing together. Add influences from soul, jazz and doo-wop, and from the 1992 trip to Zimbabwe that inspired their more recent work with improvisation and percussion backing (in fact the title track is a short clip from 600 voices at a Harare school).

Quite a breadth of African languages are employed (and some English; all of it comes with translations) to plumb the rich harmonies and interweaving multiple-part chants. Of course, it's overflowing with rhythm, and a powerful, energetic vocal style totally befitting the percussive syllables.

But the album isn't without beautiful quieter songs like Umam'uyajabula (there's a mouthful) or the lullaby Meva. Percussion figures on a handful of tunes from a spare, single drum to thundering workouts that push you to move your body.

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